The worldwide influence of Blockchain in growing business is indisputable. At Adventum, we transform the way you do business by bringing you to the ranks of IBM, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook in using the most advanced Blockchain technologies and strategies that exist today. Adventum programmers enable your team to earn and retain competitive advantage and stay afloat in the fast-changing global public and private business environments. We make it easier for you to manage assets, make automated and instant financial transactions, own a reliable stake in virtual currencies, and become secure.

Digital Systems

  • Revamp your digital systems and network online and offline and gain competitive advantage with securer, easier and faster operations
  • Keep permanently secure company assets within the encrypted access of verified participants

DATA Management and

  • Fully comply with government and internal policies in terms of data security and privacy
  • Understand and strengthen internal business processes
  • Detect and analyse intentional or accidental breaches, conduct forensics to detect fraud, and verify all third party information in real-time

Stock Trading and

  • Establish easy traceability, greater transparency, advanced auditability, heightened security, better collaboration and higher efficiency in all stock and investment transactions using effective and automated blockchain systems

Cryptocurrency and

  • Make transactions with the benefit of privacy, anonymity, and integrity that will attract more people to your business
  • Decentralize your finances, with no third party ownership of your money such as banks or governments
  • Make faster and easier transaction

Growth and Expansion

  • Become a beacon of increased security and reduced risk to attract more business and investment and expand operations
  • Make it easy, less costly and less time-consuming to expand your business with automated, instantaneous transactions

Security Insurance

  • Guarantee optimal security to business clients, employees and partners
  • Safely maintain physical and virtual company assets and protect against theft and intrusion
  • Ensure full encryption and validation processes in a decentralized system

Our clients are first to admit

It makes your transactions foolproof and infallible. A kind of distributed ledger, all network participants use and share the same asset versions rather than individual copies, and require consensus for any changes, making the quality and accuracy of your transparent transactions persistent.

We enable you to verify the authenticity of your assets and prevent fraud. All movements recorded on Blockchain end up with an audit trail showing the origins and journey of the transactions. This data is key in verifying information and preventing inaccuracies.

Our systems boost your company speed and efficiency, surpassing paper-heavy processes and eliminating the need for a third-party human to make verifications and guarantees. Trusting Blockchain data is enough, and saves time by verifying history and different asset versions in real-time.

Information is stored in the same way within every participant’s files and within every linked server, and all verified transactions approved by all participants are fully encrypted and linked to previous versions, making your Blockchain securer than any system.