Adventum’s advanced set of Big Data algorithms embody core principles of business: making fast and good decisions, reducing operational costs, generating healthy revenue streams and maximizing profit. We mobilize unique data sets too large for processing by traditional data processing applications and partake in deep analysis of your market, including uncovering hidden patterns and opportunities to grow your worth. Our strategies improve efficiency, making you invincible against fraudulent activity and unnecessary risks, and helping you determine and target the current and future needs of your client base.

Risk and Operational

  • Identify and prevent potential problems before they occur
  • Implement future short and long-term strategies while safeguarding against all risks involved
  • Protect company and clients’ assets and investments by avoiding risks laid out by our complex algorithms

Fraud Analytics

  • Render your systems impenetrable by anticipating and defending against fraudulent activity with error-free Big Data technology
  • Adopt high level transparency and traceability to ensure accountability of all asset movements

Data Safety

  • Abide by the Data Protection Act to ensure organizational, business and governmental legal principles are adhered to
  • Gain market advantage with superior Big Data-enabled data protection mechanisms for clients, employees and partners

Anticipate Consumer

  • Eliminate uncertainty and save time and money by meeting exact demand of products and services
  • Study global current and future market and consumer preference changes and position your brand accordingly
  • Increase or change product or service line to cater to future consumer demand and preferences

Target Consumer

  • Analyse global online and offline consumer behaviours in real-time and adapt products and services accordingly
  • Establish strong consumer loyalty with consistent quality products and services using Big Data analytics

New Revenue Streams

  • Unearth new markets locally and overseas, conduct in-depth competition and consumer research, and boost revenue
  • Apply advanced analytics for demand forecasts and run supply risk analysis at a quick pace

Our Clients use Big Data for

Our implemented Big Data system will drastically curtail your spending and time. When large amounts of data deluge your company, our installed Big Data tools will quickly store, process and analyse the relevant data, making it easy for you to take quick decisions.

Big Data algorithms will enable your firm to perform sentiment analysis (study of emotions expressed through text) and provide you feedback regarding how everyone feels about your business. Our clients use this data to monitor and improve their brand and success.

Strategic analysis performed by our Big Data tools will help you gain better understanding of your market conditions by studying consumers’ spending habits. This will give you an edge in detecting which products or services perform well. Your priorities can make a difference in your success.

Your updated systems will seep through mountains of client-related data, including but not limited to consumer behaviour, to help you understand their needs and satisfaction levels, and help you better cater to them.