In this ever-changing IT landscape, many enterprises can find it difficult to keep up the pace with modern applications and technologies. Adventum is an expert in legacy system modernisation and migration and enables enterprises to seamlessly upgrade their business process.

With proven capabilities to modernise the legacy systems, Adventum can transform enterprises, from small to large. With hands-on experience in the advanced as well as legacy technologies, we ensure a smooth business transition without any disruptions. Our comprehensive legacy system migration and modernisation services can manage any large scale and complex infrastructures. Whether you are looking to modernise your legacy applications, software, architecture, or your entire business process, Adventum has the right solutions to address all your needs.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Modernisation
  • Seamless Platform Migration
  • Minimal Process Disruptions
  • Continuous Support & Maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Reliable and Secure Process
  • Robust and Scalable Infrastructure
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Higher Competitive Advantage

Migration and Legacy System Modernisation Expertise

Adventum’s vast expertise enables seamless migration of proprietary technologies and applications.

Programming Languages

Bash Command Language helps in System Migration Services.
Vsam Storage Access Method used in System Migration and Modernization.


Apache Spark Framework is usd by Adventum in Legacy System works.
Hadoop is used to Interlink many Systems.




IBM DB2 Data Management Service is used in System Migration.
SQL Server Data Management Service is used in System Migration.


Avail a Comprehensive Migration and Legacy System Modernisation Services.

Industrial Applications

Adventum’s Migration and Legacy System Modernisation services cover a range of industries.