Retinal Fundus Imaging Solution

Ending Preventable Blindness at a Time

Better manage diabetes with innovative technology

Diabetic Retinopathy In Primary Care

The IRIS FDA Class II retinal diagnostic solution integrates seamlessly into clinical primary care workflows.

Leveraging a bi-directional EHR interface, the IRIS solution diagnoses vision-threatening retinal pathologies including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma.

Increase Access. Improve Quality. Reduce Cost of Care.

Retina Services

The eye is like a camera with a lens in front and a film (retina) at the back. The retina is located approximately two centimeters behind your pupil. It is shaped like a small cup. The retina converts the ocular image into a signal that is sent to the brain. The central part of the retina, called the macula, is used for straight-ahead vision and what is in your direct line of sight.

A healthy macula is crucial for tasks involving fine vision such as reading, recognizing faces and distinguishing things. The area surrounding the macula helps in mobility and in seeing from the 'corner' of the eye, though it is not useful for fine work. The retina is connected to the brain by the optic nerve. Blood is supplied to the retina and the optic nerve by blood vessels that maintain the health of these tissues. In front of the retina is the vitreous cavity, which is filled with a gel-like substance, called the vitreous.

Revolutionary Eyecare Solutions

Non-Mydriatic Imaging

Imaging without dilation of the pupil, leading to lesser screening time

Accurate Diagnosis

High quality imaging that aids in accurate diagnosis of conditions

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Cost effective solutions that equates to accessible and affordable eyecare for all


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